I love my Air Jordan shoes more than anything but my Blue and Gold Macaw runs a close second.

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I sometimes wonder knowing what I know now. Would I do things the same way? If I had a do over.
So one day shortly after sending my daughter off to Florida State University to finish her last two years. I sat down and thought about things from a different perspective and listed the below.
Here are 50 reasons why I believe owning a Blue and Gold Macaw may be a better choice than having a child.
1. Color coordination, they have it down pat. No one does it better than a Blue and Gold Macaw.
2. There is no P.T.A.
3. A Macaw doesn't want to go to the movies. My Blue and Gold Macaw goes where and when I want.
4. A Macaw doesn't care what's on the tube tonight or ever.
5. Your Macaw likes you, mostly.
6. A Macaw doesn't lie to you.
7. A Macaw actually misses you when you're gone.
8. A Macaw won't wake you up any earlier than normal because its Christmas.
9. A Macaw doesn't expect a Christmas gift.
10. A Macaw doesn't know its his birthday and won't remind you of it everyday for a month.
11. You don't need to take a Macaw to school. You get to be the school.
12. A Macaw doesn't expect a car for their 18th birthday or ever.
13. No need to save for a Macaws college fund.
14. A Macaw washes and dries his own clothes.
15. A Macaw will shower with you.
16. Macaws are cheaper than kids.
17. Macaws are generally friendlier than kids.
18. Its easier to understand a Macaw than a kid.
19.Macaws don't need a night light.
20. A Macaw doesn't want a cell phone or Ipod.
21. A Macaw doesn't need a computer or Playstation.
22. A Macaw will at least try to eat a vegetable.
23. You never need to help a Blue and Gold Macaw with homework.
24. You never need to meet with a Macaws principal.
25. A Macaw will never annoy you with a text message.
26. A Macaw never expects you to text them back.
27. You get to choose where your Macaw makes his messes.
28. A Macaw doesn't invite strange birds to dinner.
29. Macaws don't get into slumber parties.
30. A Macaw enjoys speaking with you. Even if its only a few words.
31. Macaws are not difficult to cook for.
32. Macaw toys are cheaper. But may not last longer.
33. Macaws don't care what the bird down the street has or gets.
34. You can train a Macaw. Or your Macaw can train you. Depends on your outlook.
35. A Macaw doesn't pout everytime he doesn't get his way.
36. Macaws make excellent nut crackers.
37. A Macaw will find your jewelery fascinating.
38. If you're doing something a Macaw will be curious as to what it is.
39. A Macaw doesn't ask to sleep over somewhere.
40. My Blue and Gold Macaw likes me even if it isn't his Birthday or Christmas morning.
41. Friends or family that must have quiet won't visit you often or for long.
42. A Blue And Gold Macaws style cannot be cramped. Who has more style than he does.
43. Macaws don't care if they've had broccoli once already this week.
44. Macaws don't play soccer.
45. Macaws know who the boss is in the family and they don't care.
46. No teeth, so a Macaw never need braces.
47. If Your Macaw doesn't get a new pair of Nike's he won't die.
48. Macaws don't need a prom dress.
49. You don't need to give a Macaw away because it met another bird.
50. Blue and Gold Macaws never outgrow their clothes.
I have had my Blue and Gold Macaw (Shadow) 12 years longer than the Air Jordan shoes. Over those years I have never had heartbreak nor frustration from Shadow.
I really like Air Max Shoes,but my favorite is  Blue and Gold Macaw and I know this. It is all I ever expect from him. If only my daughter had been that easy.

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